May 03, 2019

A Cajun's Guide to New York City


First off, let me state that this guide is geared towards friends and family members from around the southern part of Louisiana who wish to travel to New York City, specifically Manhattan. I am fortunate enough to have family in the Big Apple to visit and do so somewhat frequently – albeit, not as much recently as I have in the past. Each area is broken down below with generalities, some specifics, family favorites, and personal favorites. This is an ever growing and changing guide as new places open and old favorites close. This has been many years in the making and pieced together from personal notes, emails, texts, and memories from trips taken personally combined with others. The map included at the end can be saved to your devices through Google Maps, and other NYC specific apps will be shared in a separate blog post. Please let me know if there’s anything not included you would like me to add, or if there’s something I missed. Enjoy!





MSY > JFK (Kennedy)



MSY > LGA (LaGuardia)


Note:  Undergoing major construction scheduled to end Summer 2020 – please make note of extra travel advisories, including taxi location



MSY > EWR (Newark)


Note: Not as tourist friendly as the other two airports, but if you get a better flight deal, worth trying it out!




Travel in the City




Places to stay









Using Debit/Credit Cards


In general, using a debit/credit card can be risky on account of them being hacked. There’s a few guidelines that may help from you being on the receiving end of a hacked account.














Time Out New York






Note:  Pay attention to prices.  If anything is listed as “Suggested,” it does not require a full retail price for admission.





Special Times


New Year’s Eve (to be updated...)










Suggested Itineraries


Suggested itineraries (combining activities) – But plan days/trips by Areas.  Not all is always possible, just a checklist to go by if first time to NYC.  It’s very difficult to plan a trip “to-the-t.”  Many things cause delays (long lines, travel times, etc), so be prepared to be flexible.  Must prioritize certain activities (timed tours, plays, etc).   Food is always up in the air based on where you find yourself, but breakfast and lunch are a bit easier to plan.  Dinner is hard to specify for a given day unless it’s planned to be somewhere specific.


Example 1:



Example 2:



Example 3:



Example 4:



More to come…



Google Map of Points of Interest


Click here or see below:




Photo by Bethany Elaine Taylor