October 25, 2020

A Discussion About Discussion Boards

“If two people can fall in love online, they can learn American history online.”

Or in 2020 terms: If two (or more people) people can: suggest places to buy something, tell other what to watch on Netflix, have heated discussions about how to or how not to wear masks, if those masks should even be worn, etc, etc, etc, I’m pretty sure any and everything can be done online in the education space.

Please understand. I’m a former high school teacher and current adult educator. Online learning is not a replacement for face to face. It looses the human element. Labs and other hands on exercises can’t be practiced efficiently, among other issues.

However. Regardless of Covid, education needs to and should absolutely undergo a paradigm shift to allow flipping of the classroom to become the norm. School as a whole needs to be re-evaluated which can only be done with major unwelcomed change (I.e. Covid). School hours/days, requirements, testing, and all should be up for conversation.

To paraphrase Sean Parker from The Social Network:
“We learned on farms, then we learned in cities, and now we’re going to learn on the internet!”