October 07, 2020

The Day One App

Calling all parents and future parents of any age!

Consider downloading the free app – Day One. It’s meant to be a journaling app, but can do soo much more. There is a paid version of the app (which is priced very reasonable for what it is).

However, I use the free version and they don’t offer and promotions. So, I am not being paid anything whatsoever to share them.

With the free version of the app, you can have unlimited text entries and 1 photo entry every day. I suggest ALL parents consider using this app to start journaling about yourself.Everyday there is a different writing prompt. Simply answer the question. Or, change the question. Write one sentence. Write one page. Upload a picture. Anything and everything. Do this every day for a year.  They even have example prompts as seen in the attached picture.

And next October, spend ~$20 (or more) to print a book with all of your journal entries and pictures and give it to your children or grandchildren for Christmas!